As a surprise for his army of fans, Seasick Steve has today released a brand new album which is available digitally now! Entitled “Blues in Mono”, the album cover tells you exactly what to expect from the album.  Just one man, his voice, his acoustic guitar and one microphone.

You can listen to the album right now – PLAY BLUES IN MONO

Blues in Mono” is a timeless tribute to traditional, acoustic country blues recorded with a microphone from the 1940s, with Seasick Steve performing the songs solo, direct to an old tape machine. This is an album that fans have been crying out for, for years.

“Blues in Mono” finds Seasick Steve giving some of his finest performances to deliver a fresh, stripped down blues album that offers the perfect antidote for the troubled times in which we live. Steve has curated a selection of songs to cover, from his favourite artists such as Willie Dixon, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Charlie Patton and Mississippi Fred McDowell.

The album also features 4 new Seasick Steve tracks including the lead track “Well, Well, Well” which is featured in a brand new video on Youtube.

“It’s just me and an acoustic guitar, playing old country blues. I always wanted to do it but never felt worthy, but then I realised that I better hurry up and do it ‘cos I ain’t never gonna feel worthy!” says Steve. “I tried to make it so that if you was listening you’d think I was sitting with you in your house.”

And his advice to fans for coping during lockdown?

“In the meantime stay strong, workout, and eat your vegetables!”